About Us

We’re qualified immigration consultants offering a personal approach to immigration services.

Established in 2016, Renroz Immigration Corp is dedicated to providing our clients with superior immigration services. 

Everyone has unique reasons for immigrating to another country. Some come to Canada offering their professional skills and loyal service to their new country while others come to seek refuge as they escape from difficult situations in their own countries. 

As a member of ICEF and ICCRC (the national body which controls immigration into Canada), Renroz Immigration Corp provides comprehensive education and immigration consulting service to prospective candidates wishing to come to Canada. Our focus is to provide immigration information for our clients that are straightforward and easy to understand. 

We understand the Canadian immigration process can be challenging to navigate and take the time to provide a clear overview of all of our client’s options and to provide information on the most suitable migration programs for your needs.

As authorized Immigration consultants & Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC our friendly team can assist you in all your immigration needs and take pride in offering a professional and personal consultation service focused on providing clear information on your eligibility. 

Renold Norman – Director 

Created by director Renold Norman, the company was founded to provide a much-needed service for immigration and education services for international immigrants. 

Renold has an extensive background in IT, electronics, automation, marketing and key account management and has held management roles in Canada, India and the UAE. 

Passionate in client relationships and customer support, Renold is an advocate for immigration & International Education and uses his career and personal experience to provide a supporting consultative process for clients looking into immigrating to Canada.

Work, study or immigrate to Canada with support from Renroz Immigration Corp.

If you’re looking to work, study or visit Canada, Renroz Immigration Corp offers a range of immigration services for individuals looking to enter Canada, US, UK or Australia.

A decision to migrate from the place of your residence to a new country is a major decision in anyone’s life. 

Immigrating to a new country can provide a range of changes including cultural, climatic, ethnic and various other factors that needs a strong will and determination to amalgamate into the new place.

The immigration process can be made easier by engaging professional immigration consultants to assist you every step of your migration journey. 

At Renroz Immigration Corp. we have the experience and knowledge to help you navigate through the important information you need to explore for your immigration application. We offer a full suite of service that provides extensive information about Canada, its people, its climate, the real estate, the job opportunities, cultural climate and various others that can have a strong influence on your decision. 

Our professional team provide you with various immigration options so you can make important decisions based on your educational qualifications, your experience, your family’s needs and your career growth. 

Give us a call and let’s explore the possibilities of making Canada your new home!


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